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So much going on, I’m way behind on updating the blog again. I have been updating his Facebook page ( with more frequency, but some stuff I just post to my own facebook page.

So below is the happenings since September (LOTS of videos!):

I noticed I didn’t post his 5th birthday video before. I’m really happy with how it came out!

We have recently done some landscaping out front (only took 10 years!) and Dazzle decided he wanted to help, so I let him dig a hole

9/12/a Helping with yardwork

He also helped with a project in the backyard:


I recently got Dazzle new patches for his harness and they are really helping to keep people from bothering him and stopping me to ask questions. I appreciate that it’s not everyday that people see a service dog, but answering the same questions 50 times every time I go out gets a bit tedious and I don’t like to be rude.
9-28-13 New patches

Dazzle has some new playmates. When ever the neighbor dogs get bored, they come and bark at the fence to see if Dazzle will come out to play. 🙂 It doesn’t taken them long to get tired and then they trot back home and Dazzle looks at me like “that’s all?”

These are a few photos I took for a new group I’m in called Treasure Hunt. Each month they post 20 things you have to find/depict that month. I captured all of them by the 21st! But most don’t have Dazzle in them, so these are the few that do:

View out my window:

View out the window

Ok, not Dazzle, but I love this shot of Splash about to pounce! It’s amazing how many members of the group have a black cat! And Splash is lookin’ good for 14 yrs old! Still playful as ever

Black Cat- ready to pounce

Forever Faithful

Forever faithful

Dazzle in costume

Dazzle in costume

Reading the paper

Newspaper- Treasure Hunt item 6

Heavenly light

Heavenly light

In the cemetery

In the cemetery

Fall colors weren’t cooperating yet, so I had to go with flowers

My muse

I did get a Fall colors shot I really love though:

And I love the dew on these roses:
Morning dew

Maybe one of these days I’ll update the other “non-dog” blog too 🙂

New tree- I collected 20 seeds from the tree in the neighbors yard and grew them in cups just like I did as a kid. I didn’t try to sell them to the neighbors though 🙂 Only 1 of those 20 survived and it’s now big enough to plant in the yard:

10-16-13 New tree sm

I had to put up a better fence around it because Dazzle thinks it’s his job to keep it watered!


On Oct. 1st, 14 yr old King had surgery to remove a lump on his lip. Unfortunately, it’s T-cell Lymphoma and that doesn’t respond well to treatment options. We have elected not to do any treatments other than switching to raw food and will help him be as comfortable as possible for whatever time he has left.

Our newest obsession! I drove up to Marysville to try out this new sport. Any dog can compete and the goal is to find a rat in a tube hidden in hay bales- right up Dazzle’s alley! There is also an empty tube and a tube with only dirty bedding (no rat) that the dog can’t “hit” on. I wish Bear was still around and that Coyote could still see because both were excellent mousers and I think they really would have enjoyed this activity.

VIDEO: This was Dazzle’s first intro to the rat:

The instinct test is all three tubes visible and the dog has to indicate the one with the rat. Apparently the dirty bedding was REALLY stinky because many of the dogs were hitting on that tube.

Barn hunt!

VIDEO of the Instinct test:

Next we did a novice run and Dazzle found the rat!

“I’m ready mom!”

Barn hunt!

On the hunt:

Barn hunt!

Found it!!

Barn hunt!

“Gimmie that rat! It’s mine, I found it!”

Barn hunt!

VIDEO of his Novice run:

We’re going to be attending a trial in January if the weather cooperates (Keeping my fingers crossed!)


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