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Pro photo shoot photos

These were from the “action” shoot in a studio a couple months ago.
I LOVE how they came out!! All photos below are taken by Brian Steege
And one of Dazzle’s photos is/was on his home page, so I think he was happy with how they came out too! The originals are much sharper in focus than these small downloaded versions.









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Camp 1

The June camp was a lot of fun!! It was a great group of people and dogs and wonderful weather. I didn’t have my camera out much, but did manage a few photos.

My favorite portrait of the session

Dazzle portrait

Dazzle in profile

Dazzle profile

On the dock

Dazzle on the dock

Running to the lake- pure joy!


And of course LURE COURSING!


Lure Coursing - anticipation

Dazzle Lure Coursing

Dazzle Lure Coursing

Dazzle Lure Coursing

Lure Coursing - Intensity

Got it!!

Lure Coursing - the catch

And his costume for the costume contest that took first place!
The rare, curly tailed equine. I thought he would be a bit more stressed by the wraps, saddle, muzzle, etc. and have his tail down, but he took it all in stride and had his tail in it’s happy position 🙂 I started on the construction of the saddle LAST year but didn’t get it done, so I finally got it finished for this year.

12 Curly Tail horse

Photos by the camp photographers:

Dazzle “helping” me with a presentation. I think he felt a belly rub was more important than whatever I was talking about 🙂

5 Dazzle relaxing while I talk

Working on the Search and Rescue Urban Agility badge. Barrels are no problem

4 No prob with barrels

Also no problem jumping over a 42″ gap (& he nailed the landing as deftly as a cat)

3 SAR Agility Levels

He’s a great demo dog! Here he is helping me demo how to teach “heel” position

2 Demo heel

Now I’m prepping for the July camp!

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