Leadership Retreat

Dazzle and I went to Michigan for the first of 4 trips up there this year. It was a great group of people and dogs and some interesting presentations. I was happy to be turning over the reins of running this event to Robyn, who I know will do a fantastic job next year! This year she planned it, but I was there to assist and helped a little bit with answering questions during the planning.

I didn’t have my camera out all weekend! Mostly I was either working, listening to a presentation or relaxing. The concrete floor of the lodge is getting harder and harder to stand on for extended periods of time, so I was rather sore as well. But it was an enjoyable weekend and I did manage to get a few shots after I packed up and before I left for home.

Dazzle playing with his longtime girlfriend Kozi Boxer mix) and his new girlfriend Caper (Cattle Dog mix). Dazzle and Kozi are about the same age and have attended many camps together, including TX when they were both puppies and got to room together.
5-27-13 Playing with Kozi and Caper sm

Still just playing
5-27-13 Playing with Kozi and Caper 1 sm

Put the treat/ball right here
5-27-13 ready for treat sm
Actually he was “yelling” at me over some percieved injustice when I snapped this. Don’t recall what it was, but probably a girlfriend not playing with him 🙂

One of the sessions was on “Doga” (Yoga with your dog). We didn’t participate much, but Dazzle enjoyed the massage and belly rubs. Photo by Kelly Ford (who was much better at capturing the weekend than I was!)
5-27-13 massage

A Belly rub is required to pass this point. Photo by Kelly
5-27-13 Belly rub req to pass by

Lonnie was walking down the hall and Dazzle was laying on his side, but when she asked him to move, he proposed a counter offer. 🙂



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