Dock Diving

5/12/c One of Dazzle's favorite summer activities

It was quite warm today (May 15th- I know, I suck at keeping his blog updated!), so I took Dazzle to the lake to jump off the dock. I always get a kick out of people’s reactions to his obsession. 🙂 One person was trying to say hi and Dazzle kept completely ignoring him and trying to look around him like “Dude! Get OUT of my WAY! She might throw the BALL!” LOL

On Sunday, we went to an indoor event and I entered him in Ultimate Air Dogs Dock Diving. He had a BLAST and even won his division! He already has his title and we were just jumping for fun, so when I found out we were in the finals I was surprised. And when I heard his name called for first place I was even MORE surprized! He had saved his biggest jumps for the finals 🙂

It was so cute when we arrived for the event. At first, he though it was just going to be another boring event, then he saw the pool! When I sat down to wait our turn, he jumped up and put his paws on my shoulders and I swear he gave me a thank-you hug!

Photo by Rochelle Fugate
5-12-13 by Rochelle Fugate

Waiting his turn not so patiently.
5-12-13 Dock Diving sm
I had his head collar on because he was so excited, his manners went out the window and he was pulling me.


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