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Water fun!

What else do we do on a 90+ degree day? And the Assignment 52 challenge is “Water in motion”. Used a 1/3200 shutter to get these in focus.

A52 Water challenge 1

A52 Water Challenge 2

A52 Water Challenge 3

Water Fun

I’m sensing a theme 🙂

I try not to let him bite the water because I don’t want him to swallow too much. So I try my best to time it so that he bites air instead. Here you can see a typical miss.

“Missed it by THAT much”

Missed it by THAT much

Strong storms expected this evening/tonight, but tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler. Hoping I can get the grass mowed before I leave for Dog Scout camp on Friday.


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“I can’t help but fall in love with you”

That’s the song for the June challenge- along with the challenge to get the shot you want “SOOC” (Straight Out Of the Camera) NO editing. Plus one additional technical aspect of your choice (I chose tripod/timer use).

6/12/a For the love of Dazzle- SOOC

It looks like such a simple shot, but this “simple shot” took WAY more tries than I care to count! I don’t have a remote shutter, so the framing, his ears up, him looking at me, me smiling, him smiling, etc. all had to come together in the same shot! And when the timer went off and the shutter clicked. In the first few shots, my hair was flying all over the place because of the wind, so I had to go get a hat. But I’m often in a ball cap, so this is more true to life. I would have preferred more of a profile for me, but that was the one thing missing from this shot and I’m ok with that! 🙂

This was my second set-up. The first was an action shot and I just could NOT get the focus/timing to work so I abandoned that idea because taking photos is supposed to be fun, not so frustrating I want to kill something! 🙂

If I have time, I might try something different, but I have way more on the “to-do” side of my task board than on the finished side and only 6 working days before I leave for camp again. So I don’t know.

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Shooting Blind

A Challenge for the Assignment 52 group was “shooting blind” meaning without looking at the screen or through the view finder. While I was having breakfast before hitting the road, I had my camera sitting on the table and captured this view simply by turning on the camera and clicking the shutter. It shows in the quality, but I still like what I captured.

“You gonna eat that last bite?”

You gonna finish those pancakes?

Another shot I caught “shooting blind” was Dazzle “helping” in the office. There had been a storm and he was actually seeking comfort. Thankfully I don’t have to work around him very often 🙂

Shooting blind for A52

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Leadership Retreat

Dazzle and I went to Michigan for the first of 4 trips up there this year. It was a great group of people and dogs and some interesting presentations. I was happy to be turning over the reins of running this event to Robyn, who I know will do a fantastic job next year! This year she planned it, but I was there to assist and helped a little bit with answering questions during the planning.

I didn’t have my camera out all weekend! Mostly I was either working, listening to a presentation or relaxing. The concrete floor of the lodge is getting harder and harder to stand on for extended periods of time, so I was rather sore as well. But it was an enjoyable weekend and I did manage to get a few shots after I packed up and before I left for home.

Dazzle playing with his longtime girlfriend Kozi Boxer mix) and his new girlfriend Caper (Cattle Dog mix). Dazzle and Kozi are about the same age and have attended many camps together, including TX when they were both puppies and got to room together.
5-27-13 Playing with Kozi and Caper sm

Still just playing
5-27-13 Playing with Kozi and Caper 1 sm

Put the treat/ball right here
5-27-13 ready for treat sm
Actually he was “yelling” at me over some percieved injustice when I snapped this. Don’t recall what it was, but probably a girlfriend not playing with him 🙂

One of the sessions was on “Doga” (Yoga with your dog). We didn’t participate much, but Dazzle enjoyed the massage and belly rubs. Photo by Kelly Ford (who was much better at capturing the weekend than I was!)
5-27-13 massage

A Belly rub is required to pass this point. Photo by Kelly
5-27-13 Belly rub req to pass by

Lonnie was walking down the hall and Dazzle was laying on his side, but when she asked him to move, he proposed a counter offer. 🙂


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Dock Diving

5/12/c One of Dazzle's favorite summer activities

It was quite warm today (May 15th- I know, I suck at keeping his blog updated!), so I took Dazzle to the lake to jump off the dock. I always get a kick out of people’s reactions to his obsession. 🙂 One person was trying to say hi and Dazzle kept completely ignoring him and trying to look around him like “Dude! Get OUT of my WAY! She might throw the BALL!” LOL

On Sunday, we went to an indoor event and I entered him in Ultimate Air Dogs Dock Diving. He had a BLAST and even won his division! He already has his title and we were just jumping for fun, so when I found out we were in the finals I was surprised. And when I heard his name called for first place I was even MORE surprized! He had saved his biggest jumps for the finals 🙂

It was so cute when we arrived for the event. At first, he though it was just going to be another boring event, then he saw the pool! When I sat down to wait our turn, he jumped up and put his paws on my shoulders and I swear he gave me a thank-you hug!

Photo by Rochelle Fugate
5-12-13 by Rochelle Fugate

Waiting his turn not so patiently.
5-12-13 Dock Diving sm
I had his head collar on because he was so excited, his manners went out the window and he was pulling me.

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