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Pro photo shoot

On Sunday I had an amazing opportunity to have Dazzle’s photo taken for free by professional photographer Brian Steege. Brian posted to the training club that he was looking for active dogs with which to practice studio action shots. Being that Dazzle is the epitome of action, I signed him up! This photo of mine was staged just to show the set-up.

5/12a Dazzle and the pro photo shoot

Brian got some AMAZING action photos of Dazzle for his portfolio and said he would share them with me. So when I get the link, I’ll post it here. Can’t wait to see the finished products! I did get to peek at the shots he was getting as they were loading to his lap top and there were SO many great ones!

Dazzle was “naked” for all the photos, so no collar/leash but it wasn’t needed. Brian was very impressed with Dazzle and with my ability to get him in position and in the air in just the right place (repeatedly) with a minimum of verbal cues. I had a bag of all his most favorite things and those items plus the squeaky tennis ball they had kept him 100% focused. 🙂
So proud of my boy!!


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Visit to the Butterflies of Morocco

Dazzle and I visited the butterfly show at the Krohn Conservatory. I also got a photo for this month’s challenge. The goal was to use color and the song “It’s a Wonderful World”. I think a Belgian in America visiting Morocco qualifies 🙂

5/12/b Belgian in America enjoying Morracco (Dazzle)

Another shot

Butterfly Show

And Dazzle met some of his fans

Dazzle meets his fans

I’ll be uploading some of the butterfly photos I got to the other blog. Link is at the top left of this blog page.

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