God speed little man

His last photo- showing me his heart to the end

4-22-13 His very last photo

We had a lovely day together strolling the trails as he sniffed and peed and trotted along. We also took another boat ride – 2 hours this time as I found a place to let him out to pee. 🙂 He had a grin on his face the whole time. And over the course of the day, he ate an entire steak I was using as treats!

When we were both worn out, we found a picnic table in a quiet location and I sat and held him and cried into his fur while he fell asleep in my arms. His need for his next pain pills forced us home and after they had a chance to work we headed to Medvet. He quickly passed away in my arms and his cremains are now home and next to Hunter and Buster. I know he is no longer in pain and I pray that he has found Hunter and Buster and all the dogs and people he has known and loved before they passed over.

It has been SO HARD and I keep thinking about all the things we did and that we won’t do ever again. But I know it was the right thing to do for him. The pain meds were being given frequently and in high doses but his panting and little bit of shaking when he was relaxed let us know they were not enough.

I put together this tribute video to his life well lived using the many photos I had taken of him during his life with us.

He had a GREAT life.

Here are some photos from his last day…

4-22-13 Last boat ride

4-22-13 Last boat ride

4-22-13 Spring flowers

The land of tiny trees

4-22-13 Land of tiny trees

Meeting friends till the end. This Beagle’s owner said Bear couldn’t be full beagle because I was walking him off leash 🙂

4-22-13 Meeting friends till the end


4-22-13 Posing

Natural frame

4-22-13 Even nature smiles at him

Exploring the creek

4-22-13 Exploring the creek

Cooling off

4-22-13 cooling off

Bear Tracks

4-22-13 Bear tracks

Into the light

4-22-13 Into the light

Friends forever

4-22-13 Friends forever

At the bridge

Love you forever little man



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