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Bear loves to go kayaking and has been on several rivers and many trips with me. So I wanted to go kayaking with him again before his time is up, but the water is still too cold so none of the liveries are renting kayaks yet (they worry about people tipping and getting hypothermia). I was worried we might not be able to do this activity again. But while I was at the park on Sunday, I saw all the rental craft on the water and it gave me the idea to just rent something for an hour.

Normally, dogs are not allowed on the row boats (only the pontoon boat), but something caused the guy to take pity on us and bless him because Bear had the best day today that I think he’s had in a while. He loved loved LOVED the boat ride and I hated to have to end it, but after 1.5 hours I knew he had to pee and there was no easy way to get to a shore. 🙂 I will treasure all the wonderful photos I got of him and thank you also to whomever or whatever caused us to use the row boat instead of a kayak because I know the photos are much better in this craft than the ones taken of him in my lap on past kayak trips 🙂

It was a day I won’t soon forget. We also took a little stroll in the woods.



4/12/b  Bear Boating




Are you gonna gimmie that treat?

On the trail:

On the trial

Smiling on stump

Recall on boardwalk

Standing on a stump


What's that?

On Tuesday we went out with a group of friends. We did a good job of bringing up the rear and our pace was significantly slower than the rest. But they were great about waiting for us to catch up. I got these shots after we caught up with the group at one point.
Stroll with friends

Bear in uniform- 31 Dog Scout badges

Bear in uniform with a smile

Bear in uniform- 31 badges

Bear in uniform- 31 badges

Bear in uniform- 31 badges

Me and my lil’ buddy

I don’t think he has much longer. He’s having a hard time defecating, but I’m hoping it’s just that the raw food produces a harder/more dense stool that is hard for him to get through the narrowed colon. I got him a stool softener to make it easier.

My lil' buddy


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