Prayers needed for Bear

Prayers needed: In the “when it rain it pours” category, Bear has been having trouble urinating and a trip to the vet last week resulted in antibiotics for a suspected infection. But when that wasn’t working, another trip to the vet today for a more indepth exam was needed.

Unfortunately, the vet found a lump on Bear’s prostate. We are praying that it’s just a bad infection that the antibiotics are slow to fight, but I’ll be calling medvet tomorrow for an ultrasound to see if it needs surgery. So please send healing thoughts and prayers that it IS just an infection and not something much more serious. Our older Beagle (14 yrs old) is not doing well either and we know the bridge is not far for him. And Coyote is 13 now. I just can’t lose Bear too!

2/12a Bear- 7 days post surgery


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