TOO smart!!

Dazzle was chasing his ball and it went into the bathroom. Then it went behind the door and he dove in after it! But he hit the door and then the door clicked shut and he was in the dark. I was snickering in the other room when I heard it happen (it got really quiet after the latch clicked and I know he was thinking about how he was going to get out). I was waiting to see what he would do. Rather than bark or scratch on the door, he was smart and rang the bell on the vanity he uses to tell me he needs water! I answered the bell and let him out of the dark. I told him he’s too smart for his own good! He gave me a look that said he has me well trained 🙂

4/12/a Dazzle is too smart to be a dog!

My mother in law wanted to go to the conservatory to see the lilly displays, so she and I and my husband went for a visit. Dazzle was facinated by this catfsh and spent several minutes staring at it. He has acted afraid of other fish he has seen in the past in tanks and ponds, giving them a wide berth, but not this one! He really wanted to go in to get a closer look at this one! It was the only fish in this little pond at the Krohn Conservatory and the only pond/fish in the whole place that he had any interest in. Odd!

Alien creature

I put a few photos from our visit on my other blog


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