Better jump photo and Bear update

Since we had a 1 day break in the weather and it was in the 50’s instead of the 30’s, I decided to take another shot at the “freeze action” challenge. I am VERY pleased with how this came out!!

Jump - much improved! A52

I used a faster shutter speed for this than the previous shot. I could have gone faster, but didn’t like the grain it added. I also leaned a yardstick against the center of the bars so I would have something definite to focus on (worked like a charm)! And I used a tripod so I could keep consistent focus. I had to use manual focus because the slight delay of the auto focus for a shot like this just adds to the timing difficulty 🙂 It took several shots to get this, but Dazzle loves to jump so he didn’t mind. I spread the bars more than usual to try to get more air time.

Bear continues to do well after his eye removal. Only trouble is depth perception for jumping on/off the couch or bed or into/out of the van. Other than that, he is doing just fine. Here he is enjoying a treat…

3/12/b Nom Nom Nom (Bear)


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