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It’s been too long since I posted an update on my blogs. I have been busy taking photos, though most are not of dogs, so they will only show up on my other blog: which I’ll be updating next.

Dazzle by Oscar Claude Monet
2-12d Dazzle by Oscar Claude Monet

The 12 Months for Dogs group had an extra challenge last month. The goal was to manipulate a photo taken last month for the challenge to make it look like it was painted by a well known artist. I picked Monet and you can see the result above.

I also took a shot at Salvador Dali style, which is really NOT my style, but it was kind of fun to do this from photos I have taken. But it doesn’t count for the challenge because the photos were not taken during the challenge month and weren’t taken specifically for the challenge.

Dazzle by Dali
Dazzle by Salvador Dali

On March 6th, we had about 4-5″ of snow, but it drifted to deeper in some places in the yard:

Snow ball

Running just for the joy of it:
Snowball run

Dazzle and his snow ball:
3/12/a   Dazzle says, "We have SNOW!!"

The interesting thing about this snowfall is that it was damp, but still light enough to pile onto and stick to the trees. I knew there were some great photo ops, so I headed to the park (thankfully the neighbor plowed the road) 🙂 Dazzle enjoyed his romp in the woods and I could tell by the single set of tracks that went in and out of the trail that we had it to ourselves.

I have many more snow shots on my other blog
On the trail

Look at that grin!
BIG grin

“You called?”
Candid moment "You called?"

Poor camouflage
Poor Camouflage

I was hoping the snow on the 6th would be the last of the season, but we got more last night and today. I tried to get photos of Dazzle catching snow flakes last night, but had issues with lighting. If he was close enough to get lit by the flash, it was blowing out the light parts of his coat. And if he was far enough away for that to not happen, the photos were dark and blurry. Oh well, you can still see his joy. This is two photos combined:

Snow dance
3/12/b Dazzle catching snowflakes

OK Dazzle, stop doing the snow dance, I’m ready for Spring!



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