Art Museum Visit

On Wednesday, Dazzle and I visited the Cincinnati Art Museum. This was the only shot I got of Dazzle, but I got some great photos of the art that I put on my other blog:

“Dazzle is art- Please do not touch”
2/12c "Dazzle as art: Please do not touch"

I’m not really a fan of the contemporary art that has to be labeled as such for it to be recognized as art, but I couldn’t resist utilizing the floor markings for a photo.

Dazzle was a wonderful abassador for service dogs but it’s pretty clear that he thinks photography outings like this are BORING compared to dog outings. 🙂 He preferred looking at the “moving picture” displays (we call them windows), especially when they were tuned to the “squirrels in trees” channel! He also loves looking through the balcony railings at whatever is going on below (he’s had a facination with this since he was a puppy). It must be like looking in on another world.

The only piece that he had any real interest in was an ornately carved dining table from the early 17th century (I didn’t let him touch it, but he really wanted to give it a good sniff). I can only imagine all the interesting scents the woodwork contained! Which made me wonder just what kind of sensory experience a museum trip is for a dog. Given that dogs have been used to locate Civil War graves, I know their sense of smell is amazing and who knows what scents people have left on the artwork as it was in someone’s home, in use, being cleaned, put on display, etc. Especially stuff from other places on the earth that he wouldn’t be familiar with and artifacts that would get a lot of handling when they were in use. Just one of my musings as we enjoyed the day at the museum.


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