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Art Museum Visit

On Wednesday, Dazzle and I visited the Cincinnati Art Museum. This was the only shot I got of Dazzle, but I got some great photos of the art that I put on my other blog:

“Dazzle is art- Please do not touch”
2/12c "Dazzle as art: Please do not touch"

I’m not really a fan of the contemporary art that has to be labeled as such for it to be recognized as art, but I couldn’t resist utilizing the floor markings for a photo.

Dazzle was a wonderful abassador for service dogs but it’s pretty clear that he thinks photography outings like this are BORING compared to dog outings. 🙂 He preferred looking at the “moving picture” displays (we call them windows), especially when they were tuned to the “squirrels in trees” channel! He also loves looking through the balcony railings at whatever is going on below (he’s had a facination with this since he was a puppy). It must be like looking in on another world.

The only piece that he had any real interest in was an ornately carved dining table from the early 17th century (I didn’t let him touch it, but he really wanted to give it a good sniff). I can only imagine all the interesting scents the woodwork contained! Which made me wonder just what kind of sensory experience a museum trip is for a dog. Given that dogs have been used to locate Civil War graves, I know their sense of smell is amazing and who knows what scents people have left on the artwork as it was in someone’s home, in use, being cleaned, put on display, etc. Especially stuff from other places on the earth that he wouldn’t be familiar with and artifacts that would get a lot of handling when they were in use. Just one of my musings as we enjoyed the day at the museum.


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Feb. Challenge photos

2-13b (Dazzle) Imagine the afterlife

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people, living life in peace.
John Lennon- “Imagine”

The challenge this month was to use manual focus and the song “Imagine” by John Lennon.

I don’t think his ideal world will ever happen among the living, but it could be describing the afterlife.

So with the weather finally above freezing and the sun making a brief appearance today, I headed out to two other states to get some photos of Dazzle and Bear for this challenge. Of course it helps that I live in a “tri-state” area 🙂

I tried a few different places in the Evergreen Cemetery in Southgate, KY before finding the spot in this photo. I also played around with different camera distances from Dazzle. I like this set-up both for it’s composition and because it required a focus setting other than infinity (so it was more of a challenge). When I had him in place and the focus where I wanted it, I told him to stay and tossed one of his toys to get his focus and his ears forward.

2-12b (Bear) Imagine- Freedom from want

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people, sharing all the world.
John Lennon- Imagine”

I visited “Freedom Park” near the Vietnam memorial in Eden Park in Cincinnati to get this shot.
I had a hard time getting the focus just right in the brief amount of time that Bear was willing to stay 🙂 He REALLY wanted to just go sniff and explore. And I would have also liked to adjust the exposure just a bit more, but after a few attempts he was done. I think he was trying for “freedom from oppression: 🙂

Imagine Peace

Another idea I had for the 12 Months for Dogs challenge, but this was the back-up in case I couldn’t find the shot I wanted in the cemetery. This is directly below the World Peace Bell. I made sure I wasn’t here anywhere near the “top of the hour” when the website says it rings. The bell is HUGE and I didn’t want to deafen us or freak out Dazzle 🙂 The flower pots in the photo below are about 2′ high (same height as Dazzle) to give an idea of the scale.

Peace bell- Newport KY

I also recently enjoyed some time at the Spring display at the Krohn Conservatory. Dazzle took time to sniff some flowers, but I had to keep an eye on him because he also wanted to TASTE several of the items! 🙂

Taking time to smell the flowers

More photos of my excursions on my photography blog:


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Bear- 7 days post surgery

Bear is doing very well! I took this photo of him today, 7 days after his surgery.
2/12a Bear- 7 days post surgery

The swelling is almost 100% gone and he hasn’t been bothering it. He never did need the cone, so I’m glad of that. But we had it ready just in case. Now just waiting for the hair to grow back.

Here he is with Coyote and King begging for carrots 🙂
Coyote, Bear and King

It’s hard to believe Coyote (Cattle Dog) turned 13 in January and King (Beagle) turns 14 next week! Where does the time go? They are doing well too.

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Dazzle’s newest game

Because of the issues Dazzle has with Coyote, Dazzle is kept separated from him or has to wear a muzzle if they are together. Thankfully Dazzle has no problem with the muzzle and has developed his own new game. He started this game in the house, but he seems to think it’s much better when played outside, especially in snow!

You would think this would just be frustrating to him, but I offer to take off the muzzle and he moves his head or body away and goes back to the game. And he will do this a LONG time! Usually I have to call him in before he’s ready to quit.

Dazzle's newest game

Dazzle's newest game

Dazzle's newest game

Dazzle's newest game

And here is a link to a short video of him in action, playing his new game:

And when he’s inside, he wants to be outside. Actually in this photo he’s watching for the evil birds that land in the yard and have the audacity to ignore his barking!
What cha see Daz?

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Big flakes!

2/12a Big Flakes! (And I'm refering to the snow AND Dazzle) :-)


Dazzle was LOVIN the big snow flakes today! I tried to get a photo of him jumping up to catch them, but couldn’t get a good shot. He was running around the yard just for the joy of it. It’s so cute that his tail wags when he looks outside and sees snow like this! On the otherhand, I DON’T care for snow or cold and I stayed inside and took these through the sliding glass door 🙂 My camera was zoomed in as far as it would go and then I cropped these pretty severely so sorry they are so grainy. But I think it adds to the effect 🙂

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4 days post surgery

Bear- 4 days post surgery

Resting comfortably

Still a bit of swelling, causing some puckering and there is a little bit of bruising, but he’s doing really well.

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