Bear is doing great

He’s doing really well today. He’s back to his food begging, yard exploring, happy-go-lucky, I don’t want to be held, self 🙂 The site looks good, much less raw looking and much less swelling than yesterday. He has no restrictions, we just have to be sure he’s not rubbing it. At this point, it’s still tender enough that he doesn’t want to do that. But I suspect he’ll need the cone for a few days when it gets less painful but isn’t quite yet healed enough to withstand rubbing. The stitches are the disolving kind, so he doesn’t need to go back to have those out.

We’re back to normal activities around here with an extra eye on him to make sure he’s not rubbing it. But unless someone goes to the kitchen, he’s mostly sleeping/napping. Which is good. I’m sure the pain meds are helping with that.

I’m still adjusting to his new look. It’s not bad, just different. Because he was already blind in that eye, he hasn’t seemed to have any problem adjusting to it at all. But is more careful when walking past something like a table leg or one of the other dogs so he doesn’t bump that side of his face. Other than that, I don’t notice any change in his behavior today compared to pre-surgery. So overall I’m very happy it’s done and we don’t have to worry about it any more.


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