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I took advantage of the sun and relatively warmer weather today to get some photos for the “February Ambassador” challange. If one of my photos is voted to be the best answer to the challenge, I get to pick next month’s song and challenge.

The challenge required use of the song “Born to be Wild” in some way and “shooting from the hip”. In other words, not looking at the view screen or through the view finder when taking the photo. I tend to do this often, but it was still a challenge.

For Bear, I decided to focus on the opening lyrics:
“Get yer motor runnin’… head out on the high way. Lookin’ for adventure, and whatever comes my way.”

1/12/a Get yer motor runnin'....

To get this photo, I went out on our one lane road, put him on a sit stay and set a cheetos (big, visible treat) a distance away. Once I was in position, I released him to go get the treat. I held the camera at about my knee level to get the shot and couldn’t see the screen. It took several tries, but Bear didn’t mind πŸ™‚

I had to crop it to show a close up because I love the determined set of his mouth and how he’s completely airborne!

Highway close up

I also got this one that I like, but I like the one above better

Get yer motor runnin'... Head out on the highway

For Dazzle, what I wanted to get was a photo looking down his throat as he was jumping toward the camera going for a ball. But trying to get the ball in the right place, snapping the shutter at the right time, getting him in the frame without looking and not having it be a total blur was too much. So after 54 photos/ball tosses, I thought this one was fine to meet the challenge πŸ™‚

I titled it “Born to be Wiiiild”

1/12/a Born to be Wiiiiild


wild blooper


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