First week of the new year!

For 2013, I’ll still be in the 52 weeks for NOT dogs group, so if you want to see those non-dog photos, visit this blog I set up for that purpose:

I’m also going to be in the “12 months for dogs group” with Dazzle AND with Bear! So you’ll see more photos of our Beagle: Baron von Beaglestein (Bear). I thought Bear was getting a bit neglected, so I felt that getting more photos of him would help. And I figured at a minimum I could get 1 photo a month of the little guy 🙂  And of course photos of Dazzle and updates about all of us. 

The “12 months” group requires 1 photo per month of each dog in the group, but participants can choose to add as many as 1 photo a week if they would like.  I’m already finding it nice not to feel pressure to take a photo of Dazzle every week, but I’m REALLY looking forward to the much harder challenges of the 12 months group. 

For 2013 the monthly challenges will include a technical challenge (a certain way the shot needs to be composed or processed) as well as having to fit a specific song that will get chosen each month. There are also quarterly challenges that can be submitted over the span of a 3 month period. It should be a lot of fun!


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